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Learning Resources

There are many learning opportunities for new board members. These can include utilizing this website, purchasing books on board goverance like Robert's Rules of Order, attending workshops/conferences or watching webinars offered by OSBA. They offer two multiple-day conferences each year. November is the annual event that celebrated it's 75th year in 2021. There is also a summer event every July. This is geared a little more toward new board members and superintendents. Listed below are links that may be helpful to new board members. If you'd like to attend either of these events, ask the board secretary to register you. Both of the Robert's Rules of Order books shown below are available to check out from the board secretary. 

Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual
OR Dept. of Justice Public Meetings Laws
School Funding/Budget Committee Basics
OSBA Board Development Services
OSBA New Board Member Resources
OSBA Guide to Parliamentary Procedure
All Previous OSBA Webinars
Upcoming OSBA Events


Robert's Rules of Order-In Brief (link to Amazon)


Robert's Rules of Order (link to Amazon)