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Vacancies Elections

Vacancies, outside the election cycle, can occur for a variety of reasons and are filled through Board appointment according to policy BBE. The Board appointee must be:

  • a legally registered voter
  • a resident within the District for one year immediately preceding the appointment
  • reside within the applicable zone, unless the position is "At-Large" 

All vacancies will be announced to the public prior to filling the position. If the vacancy is not an at-large position and occurs in a specific zone, the Board shall advertise for a 20-day period in an attempt to find an eligible resident from within the same zone that qualifies. If an eligible zone resident cannot be found that meets all qualifications as stated above, the Board shall appoint an eligible “at-large” resident of the district to fill the vacancy. In the event of multiple vacancies, the position vacated first will be filled first. Upon appointment by the Board, the new member(s) will be sworn in and seated immediately.

When a board member is elected, they serve a four-year term. Appointed members only finish the remainder of the term they are appointed to and then they must register to run for election with Marion County if they wish to continue serving on the board. Elections occur every two years in May, in odd-numbered years. The NSSD Director Positions will be open in the following election cycles:

2025, 2029, 2033, etc
Positions: #1-Sublimity, #3-Stayton, #7-At-Large 1

2023, 2027, 2031, etc.
Positions: #2-Stayton, #4-Mari-Linn, #5-At-Large 2, #6-Stayton