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Curriculum Maps

The North Santiam School District adheres to research that points to the importance of a guaranteed and viable curriculum in meeting the learning needs of all students. Teachers in the district have worked in district-wide Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum for core subjects. Curriculum maps summarize this work and focus on the priority standards identified by each PLC. These maps are detailed enough to ensure that students across the district have engage in the same learning, but loose enough to allow teachers to make adjustments to meet each students’ learning needs and adapt to each building’s unique design. District curriculum maps are constantly in a state of revision as teachers modify them to meet student needs.

Curriculum maps for kindergarten through 8th grade are available below. High school course syllabi articulate the learning progression of each course and are available from the teacher.

Kindergarten English Language Arts

Kindergarten Math

1st Grade English Language Arts

1st Grade Math

2nd Grade English Language Arts

2nd Grade Math

3rd Grade English Language Arts

3rd Grade Math

4th Grade English Language Arts

4th Grade Math

5th Grade English Language Arts

5th Grade Math

6th Grade English Language Arts

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade English Language Arts

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Social Science

8th Grade English Language Arts

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Science

8th Grade Social Studies

Kinder-5th Grade Physical Education

6-8th Grade Physical Education