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Student Teacher Forms

Student Teachers

Welcome!  We encourage and support the placement of teachers in training within our school system.

The process of placing student teachers is coordinated through university teaching programs and requires the pre-approval of the building Principal and the Human Resources director.

New! We have transitioned to an online process.  

  1. Complete the Help Counter Background check.  Apply here: Help Counter Background check application  
    • In the Notes section, please be sure to indicate whether you are student teaching or observing.
  2. Once complete, Courtney Mathenia will send you a student-teacher packet through Frontline Central.  You'll receive an email notification of this.
  3. If you are going to be teaching (not observation only), you'll receive an ID badge to wear on school grounds.  If you are observing, please wear your school ID.  


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1155 N 3rd Ave. Stayton, OR 97383