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Registration and Enrollment Overview For Grades K-12

To enroll a Kindergarten student, please click on the Kindergarten tab while on the school's website or click the applicable link below. 

The North Santiam School District is currently available for both 2023-24 and 2024-25 online through our ParentVue portal.  

Please note that proof of residence is required when enrolling in NSSD for the first time. Proof of age and documentation of at least one round of required vaccinations is also required for Kindergarten.

If you are new to the area, you may want to confirm your address is within the NSSD boundaries and if so, which campus is considered your "resident school". You can click on the map below to view the NSSD boundaries map. 


NSSD Boundaries Map


NSSD Boundaries Map 


If you live inside these boundaries but wish your student to attend another school district or a different school within NSSD OR you live outside our boundaries but wish to attend NSSD, please contact the Superintendent's office at 503-769-4928 or at Students residing outside NSSD will also need to obtain a release from their resident school district. 

Transfers into or within NSSD may be limited due to class sizes at your school of choice. If that occurs, a second school choice will be offered. Likewise, it is advisable to contact an outside school district first to ensure they are accepting transfers into their district at your student's grade level(s). 

NSSD is currently not releasing students to enroll in virtual public charter schools (such as OR Connections Academy, Fossil or Silvies River Charter School) as the District is over the 3% cap allowed by law.  This does not apply to parents wishing to homeschool their students using their own curriculum. Those wishing to do so must register with the Willamette Education Service District at WESD. Please email with questions regarding homeschooling. 

NSSD has its own virtual learning platform called Options Academy for grades K-12! Click HERE for more details.

Step-by-Step Directions for Parents & Guardians

Please visit the steps below. If any forms apply to your student(s), you can choose to print or save them to your device and send them via email to the applicable school offices once you've completed all the forms. If you print them, you can deliver them to your child's school office or fax them. If you choose to email, please send them to the following addresses as applicable:

Stayton High School:  or call #503-769-2786
Stayton Middle School: or call #503-769-2198
Stayton Intermediate School: or call #503-769-4065
Stayton Elementary School: or call #503-769-2336
Sublimity Elementary School: or call #503-769-2459
Sublimity Elementary School: or call #503-769-7282
Mari-Linn: or call #503-859-2154
Options Academy: or call #5037-769-1618